Outreach Programmes

Soul to Sole Outreach Programme

Orient Islamic School in conjunction with Lion match lends a helping hand in the Soul to Sole school shoe campaign at Mdepha High School. Soul to Sole is simply about providing a pair of shoes to as many underprivileged children as possible. We strongly believe that this small and simple gesture can have a ripple effect, bringing generosity, hope, compassion, and dignity to our future leaders.

Soul to Sole Shoe Charity is a non-profit organization and is devoted to providing shoes to children to communities whose parents or guardians may not have the direct resources to provide. Soul to Sole Shoe Charity does not only provide shoes to children but also providing smiles, hope, and building self-esteem in children one child at a time.

Kenville Outreach Programme

Hooked on books Kenville Outreach programme

Orient Islamic School hosted the hooked on books campaign again this year and as part of the outreach donated books and stationery to Kenville Primary School learners. A day of fun and games with the children of Kenville Primary School has brought about joy and hope to all learners and educators.