Code of Conduct - Parents


The Orient Islamic School is committed to providing a holistic education compatible with Islamic principles and practices to enable our learner’s to live harmoniously in our multi-cultural society and to contribute to the growth and well-being of the nation as a whole.

Parents/ Guardians play an integral role in the educational development of their children. Education is thus a joint responsibility of parents and the School community.

Parents/ Guardians of Orient Islamic School are obliged to adhere to the Code of Conduct set out hereunder. This will ensure an orderly, respectful, safe and secure educational environment for the learners and staff of the School.

General Conduct

Parents/Guardians shall:

1. At all times support the School in implementing the Code of Conduct for Learners, a copy of which has been handed to learners and which parents are aware of. A copy of the Code of Conduct for Learners is accessible on the School website.

2. Reinforce the values which are inculcated at School, both the universal values of respect for one and all, honesty, humility, diligence, punctuality as well as the specific Islamic values pertaining to the rights of the Creator and the rights of creation.

3. Respect the system of discipline at the School, understanding full well that while the Principal is empowered to enforce the School Code of Conduct, parents/guardians also have the right to make a written representation in the event of a grievance.

4. Ensure that the proper channels of communication (as detailed on the school website) are followed and that at all times interaction with members of staff, both academic and non-academic will be consistent with the Islamic ethos of the school and therefore set a good example in the use of language and behaviour.

5. Avail themselves for the termly consultations with teachers as well as other consultations with teachers and/or management to which they are invited. These consultations are mandatory.

6. Make every effort to support and encourage their child/children by attending sporting and co-curricular events either at School or at venues outside the School. While it is important for children to have moral support this must be done in a respectful and dignified manner.

7. Attend all seminars and workshops which are arranged by the School. Such attendance is mandatory.

8. Ensure that they are modestly attired when entering the precincts of the School and/or when attending School functions/events.

9. Refrain from and report abuse in whatever form and manner of the School, staff, parents, learners and/or Governors on all media including social media.

Parent/Guardian Conduct on School Property

The following rules shall apply to all parents/guardians entering the School property.

1. All parents are to report to the School Reception for queries and/or appointments.

2. Parents are not allowed to visit the teacher in the classroom during instruction time. Prior appointments are to be made through the School Reception.

3. Adhere to the traffic laws, parking regulations and/or any instruction by traffic control staff.