Alumni Association

Orient Islamic School Alumni Association

Do you often reminisce about your days at Orient, the classes, the friends you made, the matches you won? Want to rekindle friendships and help give back to the school? If so, the Orient Islamic School has developing an Alumni Association which will serve as a forum for these goals.

If you’ve followed the progress and stature of the Orient Islamic School in recent years, you will look upon it with pride as to the way it has been growing, serving a large number of learners. However, your presence and involvement in this organization as an alumni of Orient Islamic School is critical. The future of an organization always stands to be enriched by its past ensuring that successes are built upon and improved. Becoming active in the Alumni Association as a volunteer is a selfless way to give back to the school and community and a way to reconnect with fellow alumni as well as students.

As the school continues to grow and broadens its programming and student base, it becomes essential to have the support of alumni. The Alumni Association’s prime objectives are to become an organization facilitating the continued development of the Alma Mater of its members and also providing an opportunity for social, business and professional interaction of the alumni. It also aims at facilitating Islamically-related dialogues, dawah and community service.