The Islamic Studies Department at the Orient Islamic School caters for all phases of the schooling system viz. Foundation, Intermediate, Senior and FET phases. The Department understands the importance of a sound Islamic Education for all learners from as early as Grade RR up through to Grade 12. A holistic Islamic Studies curriculum is provided, covering the following key subjects:

  1. Quranic Studies: Recitation Training and Skills, Tajweed, Memorisation of Surahs and Basic Tafsir.
  2. Hifz Classes: With separate tutors for male and female learners.
  3. Ahadith Studies: Basic Ahadith in Grade RR progressing through the various grades, up to the 40 Ahadith of Imaam Nawawi in the senior grades.
  4. Islamic Jurisprudence: Knowledge and skills in basic Fiqh with practicals, including subjects such as Islamic Inheritance laws, Burial and Marital laws.
  5. Islamic History focusing on: Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (SAWS), History of the Ambiyaah (AS) and the Khulafah Ar Raashideen (RA), selected lessons on prominent Ashaab (RA) and great personalities in Islamic History.
  6. Activity based lessons for each module. A large portion of each lesson is focused on character development.
  7. Zohar and Jummah Salaah are held at school. Guest speakers regularly conduct the Jummah Programme. Special Tarbiyyah Programmes take place for various grades during the school year. Topics and discussions centre around current issues facing the youth.


The Islamic Studies Department aims to nurture knowledgeable and confident individuals who are able to fulfill all the necessary religious obligations, together with being well-balanced representatives of Islam within the school environment and outside. Developing the character of our learners is imperative. The department focuses the majority of its weekly activities on character building, based on the Quraan and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (saws).


In 2014, the school introduced an anthem in the schooling system. The anthem is aimed at instilling love for Deen and loyalty to the school. The anthem focuses on respect, perseverance, honesty, philanthropy and honour. The chorus of the anthem is taken from the famous Qasida Burda of Imaam Busiri (RA). Learners recite the anthem during school assembly and other important school functions.


The Department runs a thematic approach to character building on a monthly basis. Character building themes are highlighted during the main Friday Islaamiaat assembly each week. Learners, educators and guest speakers use various types of media to highlight the themes. Themes cover topics such as respect, sincerity, modesty, honesty, anti- bullying, assisting the needy, drug abuse and others. Important calendar events are also commemorated and highlighted during these assemblies.


Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning, learners assemble in the school hall. Surah Yaseen is recited. Learners and educators follow the recitation on the large screens. Concurrently, the Huffaaz assemble in the Musallah. A few complete recitations of the Holy Quraan are made weekly. On completion, a collective dua is made.


Learners of the school are allocated Islaamiaat house colours. The four houses are: green
(Al- Ameen / The Trustworthy), yellow (As-Saalih / The Pious), blue (As-Siddeeq / The Truthful) and red (Al-Aabid / The devout worshippers). Points are allocated to the winning houses who participate in the Islamic quiz, held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after the Quraan programme. Future school activities will also be linked to the house system. The idea is to create a healthy competition amongst learners.


Grade 10 learners attend a feeding scheme, held in conjunction with the Orient Old Boys, every Thursday in Wyatt Road, Durban. Learners distribute food to the needy and homeless in the CBD area.

The school also provides neighbouring schools daily with sandwiches prepared at school by learners and educators.

Regular fund raising drives are held at school. Learners and educators organise functions and collections at school. Proceeds go towards the oppressed and needy throughout the world.